Secure Climate Controlled Storage Units in Kent, WA

East Hill Village Self Storage is conveniently located at 10232 SE 256th St, Kent, WA 98030. If you live or work near our storage building, you can get here in a matter of minutes, any time you want to manage your unit. That’s right – our customers get 24-hour access to their climate controlled units, allowing them to add or retrieve items whenever free time presents itself.
Here are a few things that our secure storage units can protect your belongings from:
Mold and mildew.
Keeping these unwanted visitors away from your unit is best done via climate controlled storage. By maintaining constant levels of temperature and humidity throughout the year, the same harmful fungi that sometimes grow inside our homes or businesses can be kept miles away from your valuable possessions.
Rust and corrosion.
If you are planning to store any materials that are prone to developing rust, consider renting a unit with climate control. Any metal that contains iron, including steel, will bond with the oxygen atoms found in water to form a layer of iron oxide, or rust. To stop the corrosion process, it’s very important to equip units with moisture control.
Yellowing and degradation.
Fabrics may also suffer yellowing and degradation, so storing old clothes, wedding dresses, office records, and other similar items in climate controlled storage is essential. These problems often occur in tandem, with mold and mildew stains appearing in papers and fabrics, for instance.
Other pesky intruders.
Several items can experience problems when exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, as well as high humidity and drastic weather changes. If you are storing furniture and other sensitive items for more than a few months, the pros of climate controlled storage are usually higher than the cons.
No matter what you are planning to store, we want our customers to know that their belongings are kept safe and sound, always ready for them to retrieve and use in their original condition. Whether you are coming from East Hill, Auburn, Covington, Lakeland North, or East Hill-Meridian, our friendly team is here to help you experience your next self storage move with no problems. Contact us today!